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Herbal Extracts

Our company holds expertise in offering premium quality Herbal Extract to our valuable customers. Extracted from fresh leaves of flower, our natural extract is known in the market for its effect. In addition to this, this herbal extract can be used for many medicinal purposes.Indeed we are India’s leading natural herbal extract manufacturer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Herbal extracts can be taken any time of day, with or away from food. Add the prescribed amount of extract to a little bit of water, juice, herbal tea or a smoothie.

Herbal extracts are basically the liquid version of an herbal supplement. ... The difference is in the liquid that is used. An extract might use any liquid such as glycerin, vinegar, oil, or even water. A tincture is an extract that uses alcohol as the liquid that the herbs are infused into.

herbal extracts deliver a more authentic representation of the plant. They convey much of the herb's smell, taste, color, as well as its stimulating, calming or other properties