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We Ansar Industries are a well-known supplier of

herbal extract and herbal powder in Mumbai


Ansar Industries
We are manufacturers and suppliers of a wide range of herbal extracts and

herbal powders in Mumbai

. Ansar Industries manufactures products such as

Tulsi extract


Vasaka powder

, Mulethi extract, Noni extracts, Tribulus extracts and Shatavari powder. Due to its health benefits and properties, the products offered are widely used in the production of an amazing range of herbal and Ayurvedic products.

Herbal Extracts

Our portfolio includes 300+ products designed and manufactured as per the customization offering products in the form of Powder, Paste, Water-soluble liquid and Oil-soluble liquid form.

Herbal Powder

We manufacture

high-quality herbal powder

that is produced with standardized procedure and quality control to give defect-free natural products.

Quality Control :

Products are manufactured following the industry standards and quality checks to deliver the best results.

Precision Manufacturing and Good Packaging:

Ansar Industries has a large factory setup with dedicated departments to manufacture products accurately on a mass scale with quality packaging.

Personalized Touch :

Doing business with Ansar Industries gives you a personal approach to your needs, be it large or small we take care to match your needs.

Authenticity Guarantee :

Ansar Industries goes to great lengths to source the raw materials from different parts of the globe in order to manufacture and deliver the purest form of product ranges.


We do manufacture more than 300 items of Herbal Extracts in Mumbai which is used for body soaps, lotion medical remedies etc.

Get Health with Herbs

Our team is assisted by highly qualified and experienced technical personnel in sales, production and quality control.

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