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Herbal Powder

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herbal powder manufacturer in India

.Our Pure Herbal Powders are made from the pure raw dried herbs, which are then milled into a fine powder. Herbal powders are very easy to take, and can be easily imbibed in the following ways: They can be mixed with water, fruit juice or milk and made into a herbal shot.

Frequently Asked Questions

Fruit juice is often preferred as it's sweetness can help balance any bitter herbal powders you may want to take.

Herbal powders are made of herbs of different types and qualities. They might either be made from a combination of different herbs or herbal powders made of single herbs are also available in the market.

Herbs in powder form are preferred generally because of the particle size. Smaller the particle size greater is the absorption rate from GIT and hence greater is the bio-availability. It is prescribed by the physicians for treating conditions such as diabetes, indigestion, constipation, cough and to increase stamina and boost immunity.