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We Ansar Industries are a well-known supplier of

herbal extract and herbal powder in Bangalore

Producer Of Herbal Powder In Bangalore
Ansar Industries
We are producers and suppliers of herbal powders and

herbal extracts in Bangalore

Tulsi extract, Vasaka powder,

Mulethi extract

, Noni extracts,

Tribulus extracts

, and

Shatavari powder

are among the natural herbal products manufacturer and export by Ansar Industries. The items provided are used extensively in the production of a wonderful variety of herbal and Ayurvedic products which used for variou purposes in different fields..

Herbal Extracts

We offer products in the form of Powder, Paste, Water-soluble Liquid, and Oil-soluble Liquid in our range of more than 300 products, all of which are designed and produced according to the requirements of our clients.

Herbal Powder

We make a high-quality herbal powder using standardised procedures and quality control to provide natural products at affordable prices without any side effects.

Quality Inspection:

To get the greatest outcomes, products are made according to industrial requirements and superior testing.

Excellence Perfected, Packaging:Quality Secured:

Ansar Industries has an enormous facility set up with distinct departments to produce goods precisely and in huge quantities with high-quality packaging.

Satisfy Customers:

When you collaborate with Ansar Industries, all of your needs are taken care of personally. Whether they are big or small, we make sure to meet them.

Ensuring Trust and Transparency

In order to produce and supply the purest form of product types, Ansar Industries goes to great efforts to source raw materials from various locations all over the world.


In Bangalore, we produce more than 300 various herbal extract products that are utilized in things like body soaps, lotions, and medications, etc.

Get Health with Herbs

Our team is assisted by highly qualified and experienced technical personnel in sales, production and quality control.

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