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Health Benefits of Morinda citrifolia (Noni)

April 13, 2022

Because of its potent antioxidant activity and proven health benefits, Morinda citrifolia (Noni) has been widely used as a complementary and alternative therapy in many countries. It has traditionally been used as a treatment for a variety of diseases as an antibacterial, antitumor, anthelmintic, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and immunostimulant. It has also been shown to be beneficial in the treatment of gastritis, skin diseases, respiratory infections, menstrual and urinary tract disorders, fever, diabetes, and venereal diseases.

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. Morinda citrifolia L. has long been recognised as a valuable herb for treating a variety of physiological disorders. In India, M. citrifolia is also known as Indian mulberry or Noni. This plant is distinguished by its massive dark green and elliptical glossy leaves, white tubular flowers with 75-90 ovoid to globose heads, and 5-lobed white corolla. A yellowish-white ovoid lumpy-bodied fruit about 12 cm in size, composed of numerous, fused ripened ovaries, each separate from the white flower. Unripe fruit is dark green in color, while ripe fruit emits a strong butyric acid-like decayed odor. When the fruit is ripe, the pulp is juicy and bitter, light dull yellowish white, and gelatinous; there are numerous hard triangular reddish brown pits.The fruit is encased in golden-brown pits that contain four seeds. Each seed has an air sac at the end that allows it to float in the water and aid in pollination.


Benefits of Herbal powder

- Morinda citrifolia (Noni)-: M. citrifolia has been reported to have a wide range of therapeutic uses in ailments such as arthritis, burns, headaches, wounds, and skin infections. Noni has been cultivated in Polynesia for over 1000 years and is used as a coloring agent, medicine, and food. The root has been used by Australians and Indians as a dyeing agent for various shades of red, purple, and yellow. Various parts of the Noni plant, such as the stem, bark, root, leaf, and fruits, have traditionally been used as medicines by Hawaiians and Tahitians to treat ailments such as cough, cold, pain, and liver diseases, hypertension, blood pressure, tuberculosis, malaria, intestinal worms, diabetes, loss of appetite, hernias, urinary tract infection, menstrual disorder, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, arthritis, and so on. The seeds and their oil are applied topically to the scalp as an insecticide and are used to treat arthritis. Flowers can be used to treat insect stings.

Noni has been reported for topical use in Hawaii for conditions such as swellings, sprains, bruises, and wounds.

Weight Loss: Consuming noni juice on a daily basis aids in weight loss. Because of its antioxidant properties, drinking noni juice boosts one's energy level. It boosts the body's metabolism and, as a result, draws energy from the body's fat cells. The stored fat is burned and used to provide energy to the body, resulting in weight loss.

Liver Protection: Noni fruit juice has been found to be effective in protecting the liver against toxic substances. According to studies, the hepatoprotective property of noni juice helps to protect the liver from the effects of various harsh chemicals, preventing liver damage.

Fights Fatigue: Polynesians used to consume noni fruit to combat fatigue. Several studies have shown that drinking noni juice can help to improve physical activities and energy levels, thereby combating fatigue. This is due to the fruit's natural antioxidant properties, which protect cells from oxidative damage.

Constipation Remedy: Constipation is typically caused by a lack of fiber in the diet. Noni contains anthraquinones, a compound that can stimulate bowel movement. This cleanses the colon and relieves constipation.

Treats Arthritis:Arthritis is an inflammation of the joints that causes joint pain. The anti-inflammatory properties of noni juice make it useful in the treatment of a variety of inflammatory conditions, including arthritis. Noni has also been shown in studies to have analgesic properties, which aid in the relief of arthritis pain.

Good for Diabetes: Noni Fruit and Noni Juice Have Anti-Diabetic Properties: According to research, noni fruit and noni juice have anti-diabetic properties. Noni juice has also been shown in studies to be effective in lowering fasting glucose, improving glucose tolerance, and increasing insulin sensitivity.

Immune Booster: The active compounds in noni juice help to strengthen the immune system. Previously, the noni fruit and leaves were used to treat infections. Noni contains phenolic compounds that have antibacterial properties, allowing it to combat bacterial infections caused by Staphylococcus aureus, Bacillus subtilis, Escherichia coli, and a variety of other microorganisms. Noni fruit also has antifungal and antiviral properties that protect against a variety of viral and fungal infections.

Muscle Spasm Relief: Noni aids in the relief of muscle spasms. Noni has a high concentration of K+ ions, which cause muscle contractions. This stimulates the blockage of calcium channels, which suppresses muscle spasms. Finally, it aids in the relief of muscle pain and discomfort.

Lowers cholesterol: Noni fruit extract has been shown in studies to significantly lower total cholesterol and LDL-cholesterol in hypercholesterolemic patients. According to one study, noni juice drinkers have lower LDL (bad cholesterol) levels and higher HDL (good cholesterol). Noni juice has also been shown in studies to significantly reduce the risk of dyslipidemia in cigarette smokers.

Protects Heart:Noni has the potential to prevent artery wall thickening and hardening, and thus plays an important role in heart health. It also helps to lower blood pressure and keep the heart healthy.

Wound Healing:Noni juice hastens the healing process of wounds. Several studies have found that noni juice has wound-healing properties that are linked to the functioning of collagen, hydroxyproline, and protein content. High blood sugar levels are linked to sluggish wound healing. Noni fruit lowers blood sugar levels and thus aids in wound healing in diabetics.

Promotes Healthy Skin:
Different parts of the noni plant have been used to treat skin conditions such as acne, water retention, inflammation, and others. Noni contains anthraquinone, which has anti-wrinkle properties and can thus slow down skin aging. Noni juice is high in antioxidants, which aid in the fight against free radicals and, as a result, prevents cell damage.

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