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We Ansar Industries are

India's leading Manufacturer of Herbal Extract and Herbal Powder

Ansar Industries
We are Surat , Gujrat based Manufacturers, and

Suppliers of Herbal Extract

, Herbal Powder and Aerosil Products . We are a well-known and reliable company that was incorporated in the year 1992 at Surat (Gujarat, India). Ansar Industries Manufactures products like Tulsi Extract , Vasaka Powder , Mulethi Extract , Shatavari Powder and more , The offered products are widely used for making Manufacturer of a remarkable gamut of Herbal and Ayurvedic products due to their effectiveness and properties

Herbal Extracts

We manufacture 300+ products as per your specifications in Powder, Paste, Water-soluble liquid and Oil-soluble liquid form.

Aerosol products

We manufacture a wide range of aerosol products with essential and herbal oils as per your requirement.

Manufacturing Herbal Products :

Ansar Industries has become a leading

manufacturer of all-natural herbal extracts And herbal powders in India

. Offering a wide range of dry extracts as well as soft extracts

Our Personal Touch :

When you’re doing business with Ansar Industries, you will enjoy a personalized approach to your requirements, no matter how big or small

Authenticity is Guaranteed :

Ansar Industries goes above and beyond to ensure that the result is the purest form of herbal extracts you can expect to find in the market today



We do manufacture more than 300 items of Herbal Extracts which is used for body soaps, lotion medical remedies etc.

Get Health with Herbs

Our team is assisted by highly qualified and experienced technical personnel in sales, production and quality control.

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continuous research and development over the past 45 years

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