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How to use herbal extracts in cosmetic formulas

June 15, 2022

We frequently get asked how do I use

herbal extracts

in a formula, and how important do I use them? We also get a lot of affiliated questions about how to mix herbal powders or different types of herbal extracts into formulas.
This blog will take a look at the types of extracts you can use in cosmetics, how to make your own herbal extracts , how important to use and how to add them.


The simplest way to add herbal extracts to a cosmetic formula is when it's in a liquid form. Since numerous cosmetic products have a water nonstop phase, adding a herbal extracts that comes in a glycerin, ethanol, glycol or water base will go fluently into a cosmetic formula with a water nonstop phase( like utmost of your creams, poultices, soaps and conditioners). You could also add a small quantum( ≤ 1w/ w) of an oil soluble extract ( that is, an extract that comes in oil soluble ) to a conflation product. You could add a veritably small quantum( ≤0.5 w/ w) of an oil soluble extract , when meetly solubilised(e.g. in 5w/ w polysorbate 20) into a mist or color type formula.

The stylish thing to do is check it’s solubility first, if you do n’t honor the carriers listed over. Where it becomes more delicate is if you're trying to add a herbal extract that's in a water answerable medium( like glycerin, ethanol, glycol or water) to an oil soluble grounded product, like a w/ o ointment, attar or oil soluble . In this case, you would need to ‘ reverse solubilise ’ the material in a veritably low HLB solubilising material and only add a veritably small quantum of herbal extracts into the formula. Please watch this videotape which explains this process How to solubilise herbal extracts in oil soluble.

You can add a small input( ≤ 1w/ w) of water or oil soluble

natural herbal extracts

to powdered products, just insure you have a really good system of mixing, like a strip blender, to insure the liquid gets homogeneously dispersed throughout the greasepaint. It's also stylish to spot it on the greasepaint as it's being mixed, to avoid wet clumps that do n’t mix unevenly.

Eventually, there's the issue of adding a pulverized or dry extract to a liquid formula. Where you're working with a powdered excerpt, and want to add it to either an oil soluble or water grounded cosmetic formula, you'll first need to mix the powdered extracts into whichever medium it's answerable in. For illustration, if the herbal extracts is a water-answerable greasepaint, also you'll need to mix it in water, and add it that way.However, you'll need to mix it in a little oil soluble , and add it that way, If it's a herbal extracts that comes as an oil soluble -answerable greasepaint. Make sure to add the water soluble formulas in water or make sure they're suitable emulsified or solubilised.

The answer to this one depends on a lot of effects. First, if it's a simple herbal extracts that has no efficacy data, and comes just in glycerin, water, ethanol or a glycol base, and you're adding it to a water nonstop phase formula, also generally you would add 1 – 5w/ w total combined extracts to utmost water grounded formulas. There would be some exceptions to this generalization, but in numerous cases, this will serve you well. Next, if it's a herbal extract that has efficacy data, you should be using the inputs handed by that efficacy data to get your asked effect. occasionally you may only need0.5, occasionally you may need 2, occasionally you might need 5. Where there's efficacity data, use that to determine your input and make sure it's being added, along with other actives, in a way that won't destabilize, or is else compatible with, the expression you're adding it to.

Still, also we recommend you use our product Cosmetic Formulas program to help you choose the right input for your formulas, If you're new to formulating and not sure. This program limits the input of conditioning and extracts to make sure you do n’t desolate constituents, because every formula works. If you aren't sure how to add extracts to your formulas also this is a fantastic way to make sure you get it right.

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