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July 13, 2022

Shatavari is unquestionably the Queen of Ayurvedic Herbs if ashwagandha is the "King of Ayurvedic Herbs." The Shatavari plant, which is a member of the asparagus family, is also referred to as "wild asparagus" or Asparagus racemosus. Its ability to aid the body in overcoming both physical and emotional stress makes it an adaptogenic plant. Shatavari has been utilized for many years as a general health tonic in Ayurvedic medicine to help revitalize and mend both the body and mind. The advantages of Shatavari for women, particularly in terms of the female reproductive system, are another important healing aspect.

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Shatavari is a highly regarded herb that bestows a lovely and peaceful virya (energy) on all who use it. Shatavari Herbal Supplement is now available in our assortment of teas, tonics, and elixirs. Let's examine how the Shatavari herb can support your Ayurvedic healing path in more detail.

The Sanskrit words "shat" and "avar," which translate to "100" and "below," respectively, can be used to translate the word "Shatavari." Thus, the word "Shatavari" means "one hundred roots" in its literal sense. It is simple to see how this plant received its name if you have ever seen its remarkable root structure. The medication is found within these sturdy and numerous roots. Shatavari can also be translated as "who has one hundred husbands." A folklore testament to the efficacy of the Shatavari plant, this herb has been reported to revitalize the female reproductive system so effectively that one might conceivably reproduce with one hundred husbands!

Shatavari, often known as the "Yoga of Herbs," helps boost ovulation health and breast milk supply. It is advised to utilize it during all of the different stages of womanhood since it has a nourishing and purifying effect on the female reproductive organs. Shatavari can be administered during pregnancy to nourish both the mother and fetus, and it has historically been used in Ayurveda to improve female fertility. Shatavari can even assist in maintaining a woman's physical and emotional balance during her menstrual or lunar cycle. A drop in estrogen is one of the typical consequences a woman experiences as she enters perimenopause. Shatavari contains phytoestrogens, which are the precursor to estrogen and can help women during both perimenopause and menopause. It is a great herb to use to prevent osteoporosis because studies show that phytoestrogens may lessen hot flashes, stabilize mood, and also assist maintain normal bone density. Last but not least, Shatavari, with its abundance of phytoestrogens, can assist in balancing and restoring hormone levels in women who have had hysterectomies.

Benefits of Shatavari


Shatavari herb for ladies

, males can also take it! The following are other advantages linked to the Shatavari herb:
- Boosting the production of Shukra or semen.
- Helping to regenerate and repair the body's tissues and immunological system.
- Adaptogenic qualities that make it easier for the body and mind to handle str
- As a nervine sedative and tonic that soothes and revitalizes the nervous syst
- To calm irritation and wrath in the psyche.
- As a demulcent, giving moisture to the lungs, kidneys, stomach, large intestines, and sexual organs' dry and/or irritated membranes.
- Treating persistent diarrhea, ulcers, and constipation.
- Assisting the respiratory system, particularly when one has a dry, piercing cough and/or a painful throat.
- Emollient or hydrating qualities, making it ideal for dry vata or mixed pitta skin types.
- Applying directly to a painful joint or a tight neck.
Shatavari Intake Through Traditional Ayurvedic Methods

Ayurvedic medicine suggests combining 1/2 teaspoon of

shatavari powder

with 1/2 cup of lukewarm water in the morning and evening, at least 1-2 hours before meals. An Ayurvedic churna is a device used to combine water and powdered herbs. All of your senses can be connected to the plant and its medication through the use of a churna. The

Shatavari herbal powder Supplier In India

provides shatavari powder ability to taste, touch, smell, and seem improves your earth element, which cultivates a grounded energy for your body and mind.

Shatavari's High Vibrations & Healing
We are blessed to have the chance to use the powerful, royal, and feminine plant medicine known as shatavari! Shatavari is a potent herbal remedy that we ought to always keep on hand in our home apothecaries. It has a variety of medicinal uses, including restoring the health and vigor of the female reproductive system and offering our bodies with the maximum amount of hydration. We will be better able to handle any difficulties that life throws our way. Each obstacle provides a wealth of learning and development. May Shatavari be by our sides to keep us all composed, wise, and full of herbal intuition.

Shatavari Use Contraindications

If there are a lot of ama, or poisons, in the body, Ayurveda advises against using shatavari. It is also not advised if there is an overabundance of congestion or kapha imbalance. Shatavari, which belongs to the asparagus family, has a diuretic effect and should be used cautiously by those who are on diuretic medication. Finally, shatavari is not advised if a person has an estrogen-sensitive malignancy or is sensitive to phytoestrogens. If you have concerns about your health or how shatavari may be able to help you, please speak with a certified herbalist or doctor.