Established in 1973, Ansar Industries is one of the pioneers in the manufacture of herbal extracts both Dry Extracts as well as soft Extracts and also liquid  oil Soluble extracts  &  liquid water soluble extracts in India. Ansar has been instrumental in actively promoting the use of standardized herbal extracts used by the cosmetics, pharmaceutical and dietary supplements industries.


Being one of the oldest and most experienced manufacturers in this trade, Ansar has made a significant contribution in popularizing the benefits and use of herbal extracts on a global scale.


All this is a result of continuous research and development over the past 25 years, which has helped Ansar standardize plant extracts with respect to active ingredients and therapeutic activity.


Ansar has a long list of satisfied customers both in India and various parts of the world. The company continuously strives to provide all its new and old customers technical support and information on the latest trends and developments.