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Herbal Extract Manufacturer in Mumbai

February 4, 2022

Founded in 1969, Ansar Industries is a pioneer in manufacturing all-natural herbal products. Offering a wide range of herbal powders as well as herbal extracts, we have modernized the 3000 year old medicinal knowledge of Ayurveda in India. Being a family business with strong values at the core, Ansar Industries uses no chemicals or artificial processes. All this is the result of continuous research and development over the past 45 years, which has helped Ansar Industries to standardize the plant extracts. Manufacturing a portfolio of more than 300 products, we have successfully delivered quality herbal extracts to our clients, some of whom share a working partnership with us going back decades.

Ansar Industries is committing the top quality products and this is possible because of our highly experienced team of researchers that supervise the manufacturing activities. If you are in the herbal sector and already run the ayurvedic business, we provide you with 100% real organic products. If you are thinking of starting the ayurvedic business then do not worry, we are here to deliver the top quality products. This way, you can focus on the marketing strategies rather than on manufacturing products. To know more about our company – A

leading herbal products manufacturing company in Mumbai

, you can contact us.

The Increasing Demand Of

Herbal Product Manufacturers In India

Since ancient times, ayurvedic formulas have contributed a lot to maintaining the health of individuals. But nowadays, when it comes to meeting our health care needs, herbal products are again in great demand. These natural products are considered safe and highly effective in controlling even the deadliest diseases. The herbal product manufacturers in India have six different recognized medicinal systems such as Sidha, Ayurveda, Unani, Naturopathy, Yoga, and Homeopathy. Today, people are aware of the benefits of Ayurveda and herbal medicines as they help boost immunity and cure various health issues.

In addition, the demand for herbal products has increased worldwide. Most herbal products are made from natural plant and herb extracts, so they are beneficial and safe for people of all ages. Herbal products are widely accepted around the world which is why they are in great demand. Several types of studies have been done on these products, which significantly shows that people do not experience any side effects at all.

Rising demand for ayurvedic extracts puts more pressure on herbal products manufacturers in India to meet the excess demand for herbal products and provide the best medicine to help humanity and supply the best formulation containing natural immune boosters.

Overview Of Ayurvedic Products

Ayurvedic is known as the "Science of Life". Undoubtedly, these days people prefer a more convenient treatment, but somehow this method has side effects. So, to prevent side effects in the body, the ayurvedic method is considered the best. This helps us stay healthy and also improves our quality of life. Ayurveda is a growing field and also over time this field is reaching the sky. The demand for ayurvedic products is also increasing day by day. And this growing demand also improves the reach of ayurvedic activities. Here are some benefits of herbal products that are increasing demand in the ayurvedic field.

How Ayurvedic Herbal Products Are Beneficial-
1.Minimal side effects
2.Improve your health
3.Long-term effective results
4. Healthy and shiny skin
5.Reduce inflammation
6. Reduce stress

Ayurveda has many other benefits, all of which show that the herbal business is expanding. Therefore, do not ignore demand and build your future in the field of ayurveda.

Our products are majorly of two types:

Herbal Extracts

Our portfolio includes 300+ products designed and manufactured as per the customization offering products in the form of Powder, Paste, Water-soluble liquid and Oil-soluble liquid form.

Herbal Powders

We manufacture high-quality

herbal powder in Mumbai

that is produced with standardized procedure and quality control to give defect-free natural products.

Our Herbal Products

Product range offered as the best organic manufacturing company In mumbai. Our high-quality products are 100% pure and secure.
Prime product offerings are:
1.Tulsi (Holy Basil) Extract
2.Vasaka (Adhatoda Vasica) Powder
3.Mulethi (Licorice Root) Extract
4.Noni (Morinda Citrifolia) Extract
5.Tribulus (Tribulus Terrestris) Extract
6.Shatavari (Asparagus Racemosus) Powder

Why choose this Herbal Extract Manufacturing company in Mumbai?

Quality Control
Products are manufactured following the industry standards and quality checks to deliver the best results.
Precision Manufacturing and Good Packaging
Ansar Industries has a large factory setup with dedicated departments to manufacture products accurately on a mass scale with quality packaging.
Personalized Touch
Doing business with Ansar Industries gives you a personal approach to your needs, be it large or small we take care to match your needs.
Authenticity Guarantee
Ansar Industries goes to great lengths to source the raw materials from different parts of the globe in order to manufacture and deliver the purest form of product ranges.
Certified for Excellence
Apart from being a longstanding name in the world of herbal extracts manufacturing, Ansar Industries is backed by certifications from accredited domestic and international institutions. We are an ISO 9001:2015 company, with clearance certificates issued from the FDA, GMP, and FSSAI as well.
Elaborate Portfolio of Products
We source our products from the best natural herbs around different parts of the world. We have garnered more than 300 different herbs and natural ayurvedic elements from suppliers all across the country, with Tulsi (Ocimum sanctum), Bansa (Justica adhatoda), Shatavari (Asparagus Racemosus), Giloy (Tinospora Cordifolia), and Amla (Phyllanthus emblica) these being our best-selling products along with many others.